5 simple habits


These simple habits will open you up to the world, and the world to you. Making for a vastly more interesting life.

Seeing the world through the eyes of others, makes you a valuable colleague and business partner in every way.

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Rules don’t work – good habits do. 

Try these, they will broaden your world – and views ;

  • spend more time with people unlike yourself
  • speak your mind – because you want to learn from others
  • never stop asking questions
  • help others achieve the same freedoms you have – if they want them
  • repeat

Spend more time with people unlike yourself

We learn the most from people who sees the world differently. Different experiences, cultures and opinions gives perspective. They will move us to discover new ideas and explore what was previously hidden.

We need them as mirrors to truly see ourselves.

They will make your day more interesting, and you have more to offer them in return. There are few better ways to widen your world, mind and soul.

Speak your mind – because you want to learn from others

Speak your mind and heart, we must all be free to speak openly and without fear.

Freedom of speech

does not mean you have the right to speak poorly of others,
or disparage them for their ideas, ideals or way of life.

Do it because you wish to learn from others. They are an infinite source of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement.

When asked for help and advice. Share your knowledge and experience to help them towards their goals.

Never stop asking questions

Keep the curious, inquisitive, playful kid inside of you alive and well.

Never stop exploring, learning, asking questions to yourself, your surroundings, your loved ones, friends, colleagues, topic experts, thought leaders, people you disagree with in particular, those with crazy ideas, people you thought you had nothing in common with. . . never stop.

And hopefully – every answer will lead you to 5 new questions. Remember :

Our future lies in all the things we don’t know we don’t know.

Help others achieve the same freedoms you have – if they want them

You are all you have to give. Take good care of yourself.

Still, if you have access to read this. You most likely have a bit of energy and time, to help someone who needs a helping hand.

Being able to help others feels great, it means you have done good things in the past – that you can now pass on.

Keep in mind. People may not need or want what you have. Help them create the life they want to live.


Keep at it. Keep engaging, learning, playing, helping, creating !

And for those of us who have read Endymion . . .

Start Again.

Use Niwa to help further your learning, organise ideas and collaborate with others.

No rules ?

Rules govern our society, and we must of course obey the laws, ethics and cultures of the society we are part of.

If we don’t, we have either done something wrong, or we have failed. It comes with penalties, reprimands and feeling bad about not living up to expectations. In particular our own.

But when it comes to fulfilling our dreams and leading better lives. A much better, more constructive and positive way to move us forward. Is cultivating good healthy habits.

Photo by Magda Ehlers