1 hour Every day

Vintage clock watch hand

Spend 1 hour every day.

Whether it is directly related to what you are doing now or what you want to do next.

Or just explore and be inspired.

Shine a bit of indirect light

Moonlit night with clouds

Everything and everybody looks better, brighter – more beautiful on a sunny day.

When dark. A bit of light will make every room and space look warm and welcoming. Especially when the corners are lit up.

Be that indirect light to others. Those in the shadow, stuck or hiding in dark corners.

When you’re in the sun – let it reflect on others.

You are all you have to give

Young lady having a moment to herself. You are all you have to give.

What you have to give to this world, to yourself, your friends and family, your community, society, and to your work… is You – only You.

Dream big, it’s ok to want more from life. But being able to pay rent, have food on the table and pay for school – is a big enough achievement.

The pen is enough


The pen is a mighty tool, it should be all we need – not bullets, not bullying.

Meet others in the beautiful space between us – where we can learn from each other, and diversity can thrive every day.


Life - seed growing in spring

We some times forget that the mere existence of life is amazing. That overwhelmingly we do good things for each other, and good things happen every day.

Through all of it, everything we go through together – and alone. There’s heart, we are occupied with maintaining life – and creating new life.

The meaning of life is – life.

5 simple habits

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 simple habits

Spend more time with people unlike yourself

Speak your mind – because you want to learn from others

Never stop asking questions

Help others achieve the same freedoms you have – if they want them


The Age of Inclusiveness

Planet earth seen from space. Sunrise over South East Asia

We have an opportunity to decide, ahead of time – what the next thousand(s) years should revolve and evolve around.

What is the overarching idea that will guide us in how we approach life, love, business, our legacy, everything in-between and beyond.

I propose we decide to enter the Age of Inclusiveness.