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It all starts with a thought. An idea. A dream.

Everything we do from hereon out – is nourishing, carrying and willing these ideas into existence.


So, we set out to create, build and manufacture

And it gives us opportunities to engage with people around us, learn from them and work with them. So we can create something meaningful and valuable.

Or – just because. It’s great to share our ideas and dreams. To make something happen together with other people.


And quite often we realise. Some ideas should be left alone – or saved for later. But we always learn.


A little bit of structure is helpful.

Not to limit us. But to help us get a quick overview of the idea. What and who it involves. And easily share the idea with others.

5 simple elements:

  • Outcomes – what we want to achieve with our effort
  • Culture – the norms, ethics, laws, guidelines, preferences that guides us
  • Effort – the creation of valuable outcomes
  • Input – working with others to achieve our goal
  • Foundation – resources, approvals, mandate and other things we need to “get on with it”

Described in more detail here =>


We put it together. Engaging with, sharing and communicating with others. And a simple structure to organise it. Collaboration is enabled.

An Effort is a simple way to describe a complete idea, or a part of one. An Effort can be completed by one person or a team.

Efforts can be understood as a Logical Unit. Described in more detail here =>


As it goes. Most ideas are more complex when going into details, so we break them into smaller efforts. Linking several simple units to achieve the final outcomes.

It is like preparing dinner for a group of friends with different dietary needs. One is lactose intolerant, one is vegetarian, one is Muslim. All different cultures. Or passing a number of courses for a final certification; math, skills, practical. Different requirements, cultures, classes – and all together too complex to be described as one effort.

In another word – a process. It can be yours alone. Involve several people, teams and companies. Can take a day or a decade. It can be repeated, updated and expanded with time and changing requirements. New ideas and better ways to get there.


Now we have a way to easily share our ideas, collaborate with others and create something great together.

It also gives us a framework to attach all the things we learn as we go along. And inspire our continued learning.

Everything surrounding a particular topic or effort. Things the influence and affect others. Different cultures. The needs and desires of others – their dreams and how you can help them achieve them. The future – and how you can help shape it.

Our future lies in all the things we don’t know we don’t know.


And when we add customers to the value chain. People and companies who pay with their attention, time and money. We now have a clear way to understand how we fit into the value chain. What our contribution is to the final outcomes.

We now have a chance to understand our individual value add.

It also helps us focus. We can better engage with people we rely on, and be good customers to them. We can get a clearer understanding of what our customers, and their costumers, need. So we can deliver better outcomes, in the right way.


And if you take on the role of managing a process. Helping the people who directly create the outcomes. You have a better understanding of all their interactions. Can better engage with the people and teams they rely on and look ahead. You will be a better coach.

When we combine multiple value chains, as they intersect and extend. The combined efforts and processes becomes our org. chart. It comes alive and evolves.

We move from organisation to organism.


As a leader. You need to understand, and have a clear picture of the whole organism. How it functions, the wellbeing and heartbeat of individuals and teams. You can set the foundation for the next lighthouse, knowing what the organism is capable of.

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The individual struggles to understand how they fit in, what their value add is. And businesses increasingly function as a group of organisms. Loosely coupled, interconnected, relying on each other.

We aim to bring clarity. An inclusive view of everyone who are part of, and contributes to our mutual success.

And inspire individuals and groups to work together. To help them create the experiences, product and services they want to shape our future.


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