Niwa 5 3 – Logical Unit

A Logical Unit (LU) is defined by an Effort – a piece of work. Wether performed by a person, team, machine, computer – internally or externally. It logically takes a product or service, one value adding step forward in the flow towards the end customer. And can be handed off to the next Logical Unit.

Logical Units can themselves be defined by a number of more detailed Logical Units.

Logical Unit structure

Making an Effort to create Outcomes is the most basic form of doing work.

Making an Effort requires a number of resources, information and must be done in accordance with the Culture of those involved in and affected by the process and outcome of making the Effort.

We want to collaborate with others. Having a simple structure makes it both easier to understand, communicate and more efficient. And we have a person clearly assigned as Responsible for each Unit.

The clear aim is giving clarity and insight to every person involved with the work, with a minimum of descriptive documents.

Logical Unit support structure

We can now enter the Effort into our simple Org structure, focusing on supporting the people and processes needed to create our Outcomes, guided by Culture and with management as a solid Foundation for the organisation.

Logical Unit management

Adding our organisation and prioritisation methods to the structure.

As each individual Effort flows from LU to LU on its way to the customers. Prioritisation and status updates are needed to keep everybody Informed. New ideas and innovation for each LU and entire processes, must be described, included and understood in the same framework.

Thus enabling everyone involved. To contribute, participate in and understand, how they can be part of improving and moving the organism they are part of forward and add meaningful value to their customers.

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