The end of failing

Boy playing with building blocks

We need to move away from the negative residuals that comes from a culture of failing.

It is much healthier to experiment and learn, to play and try new things, testing ideas, prototyping.

The outcomes are better – the spirit, language, residual and culture much more positive.


multiple hats

Multitasking is viewed as everything from a requirement to a wasteful habit.

I believe it is a direct way to do less with more.

We must move away from doing or focusing on multiple activities at the time. And instead focus on one, for as long as we have energy and can add value to it.

One thing at the time, focused and dedicated.

Shine a bit of indirect light

Moonlit night with clouds

Everything and everybody looks better, brighter – more beautiful on a sunny day.

When dark. A bit of light will make every room and space look warm and welcoming. Especially when the corners are lit up.

Be that indirect light to others. Those in the shadow, stuck or hiding in dark corners.

When you’re in the sun – let it reflect on others.


bicycle wheel hub

Your engines for creating the life you want to live.

Good habits will carry us forward even on bad days. The best habits – our cores, helps us create the world we want to live in.

Cores and habits combined, become equally the tracks that steadies us, and the engine that drives us forward.

Task lists

woman jamming to music

The main purpose of a ToDo list is to… Do.

Just as important. Celebrate your achievements. Remember all that you have achieved today

Rather than focus on the few things you didn’t have energy for.

You are all you have to give

Young lady having a moment to herself. You are all you have to give.

What you have to give to this world, to yourself, your friends and family, your community, society, and to your work… is You – only You.

Dream big, it’s ok to want more from life. But being able to pay rent, have food on the table and pay for school – is a big enough achievement.

The pen is enough


The pen is a mighty tool, it should be all we need – not bullets, not bullying.

Meet others in the beautiful space between us – where we can learn from each other, and diversity can thrive every day.