Respect must be earned


Respect is a healthy cornerstones in becoming a foundation others can rely on.

And it’s an important culture to imbue in every effort you are part of.

Young man helping elderly woman taking a walk

You can take control

you should give ownership

You can take power

You cannot take respect – respect must be earned !

Leader, is an honorary title bestowed on you by those whose respect you have earned,

those who follow your lead at their own free will,
because you empower them to find their own strengths,
and you inspire them to help and lift others,

not because they were coerced, deceived or manipulated into following you.

You are hired to become a leader. You are not a leader until people decide to follow you.

Coming into a new situation with a reputation for being a leader is good. It means you have done great things, and earned peoples trust in the past. But you still need to earn it in new settings.

Being respected as a leader is not a directly transferable ‘badge’. Local and company cultures. Customers, business partners and your Team will always be different. And require that you learn and adjust. Even more so if you also move physically, to a new town or different country.

We must earn it – every day. Or forgo the accolade.

It is the things we do when no-one is watching that matters most.

Earning the respect of others,

is the best way to keep your self-respect !

Gain people’s respect by having their success in mind, acting with integrity and steadfast dependability. Which will implicitly make you successful.

Take care of your people, their development and future. As a leader, knowing where you are going is important. But more importantly – you have the experience to help others find their own way to success.

Earning the respect and trust of others. The feeling you get when others entrust you with their wellbeing and success is immensely rewarding.